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ZNGreen Energy Cloud
  • Color Cloud-Architectural FacadeModules
    Des: Seven aesthetic options-Customizable glass and pU polyurethane frame colors to match the color of the building 's roof or fagade. High coverage-Rich and vibrant colors, excellent coverage, perfectly concealing the battery profle, balancing aesthetics; Weather resistance-Utilizing patented colored glass technology, high strength, and excellent weather resistance. High light transmittance-Achievable original light transmittance of around 65% to 89%, with the highest reaching 94%, offering higher power output;
  • Sooth Cloud- Lightweight Reinforced Modules
    Des: Good heat insulation - polyurethane rail prevents heat transfer Removable - No regular torque maintenance and no dust accumulation on bezel-free surfaces Lightweight - Single component weight 5.27kg/㎡ Insulation - No grounding required No holes in the roof - no damage to the roof At the same time, it has low transportation cost, low carbon and environmental protection.
  • Light Cloud-Ultra lightweight Reinforced Modules
    Des: Lightweight- Each single module weighs 6kg, with only 2.99kg/m². Thin- Module thickness is 2.5mm, with a maximum of 1920pcs/40HQ container loading capacity. Flexible- Minimum bending diameter of 1m without hidden cracks. Strong- Enhanced encapsulation materials, hail-resistant and crack-resistant (compliant with IEC 61215-2021 standard). Easy- Simple and convenient installation, no rooting, zero-penetration installation. Aesthetic- Fits seamlessly with the installation surface, customizable in shape and size (can be customized with ultra-black appearance, blending seamlessly with the architecture).
Customer Support
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