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Double Glass Technology: Harnessing Authentic Advantages for Reliable Power Output

Double glass photovoltaic modules stand out with remarkable advantages in power generation, embodying authenticity in their performance. The transparency and robust UV resistance of glass seamlessly align with the characteristics of double-sided cells, establishing a flawless synergy. When it comes to the module backsheet, the industry widely acknowledges the superiority of glass backsheets. In 2018, Joshua S. Stein from Sandia National Laboratories and Dirk C. Jordan from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducted an in-depth review of double glass photovoltaic modules, delving into various pertinent issues.

2023 11-29
How to Install PV Modules on the Rooftop?

Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on a roof is a crucial process that requires ensuring the system efficiently captures solar energy while maintaining its safety and stability. This article will describe how to use the SRS (Solar Racking System) to install PV modules more securely and efficiently.

2023 10-20
Tecnología PERC, cambio en la arquitectura de la célula

Una célula fotovoltaica es algo relativamente sencillo. Un material semiconductor, en el que se ha creado un diodo (se le ha dado polaridad), al que se le pone una capa azul antirreflejante y se conectan unos conductores eléctricos para extraer la electricidad. Digamos que la arquitectura de la célu

2023 02-11
Bifacial Technology: how to generate more power

The first bifacial photovoltaic cells were created in the laboratory several decades ago. The first company that commercialized them was the Spanish company Isofoton (1981), based on the studies of Antonio Luque at the Institute of Solar Energy in Madrid.Today’s bifacial solar modules are a simplifi

2022 02-21
Light capturing – the darker a module, the better it captures energy

Photovoltaic modules are usually black or dark blue and this is due to the finish on the cell surface. We will clarify why the usual appearance in the modules has been like this for so many years.Why are the modules mainly dark blue almost black?It is known that the modules seek to trap as much ligh

2022 06-20
Aguante mecánico de los módulos y cómo instalarlos

Se desconoce la vida útil total de los módulos, ya existen algunos de más de 30 años en funcionamiento pero la mayoría de fabricantes dan de 25 a 30 años de garantía en potencia y están diseñados para soportar físicamente cualquier tipo de condiciones al estar expuestos al aire libre y formar parte

2022 09-20
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