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Product Name : ZEN Eco Residential Energy System
Battery Dimension : (654*322*505) mm/Unit
Battery Weight : (62±5)kg/Unit
Rated Energy : 5.3 kwh/Unit, up to 21.2 kWh for full system
Family Villa
Office Space
Small and
Medium-Sized Enterprises
Smart Energy Management
Multiple application modes are optional. It provides a variety of inverter and battery pack coordination solutions to meet different user requirements.
Long Life and Safety
Square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate battery is adopted. The module assembly adopts a unique pressure type process, which ensures the high safety and long life of the energy storage system without deformation after multiple cycles. deformation aler multiple cycles.
Intelligent and Safety
Battery management system (BMS) and inverter management strategy optimization, to achieve dual protection of software and hardware, improve system security, prolong service life.
Advanced battery assembly technology, six sigma whole process quality management, to ensure high- performance product quality.
Simple insert structure, wiring free, flexible and convenient installation, as well as integrated protective structure that satisfied the IP65 protection grade, realizing a highly operable installation in outdoors and utilization.
Supported with communication approach of RS485/WIFI/4G/CAN, the data of energy storage system can be transmitted in a real time manner, so that users can master the power information anytime and anywhere on mobile APP.
ASW H-S2 Series
Single phase hybrid inverters 3 to 6 kW
  • Toolless DC connection via Phoenix Contact connectors
  • Quick setup and commissioning with apps
  • Compact wall mount design
  • Smart energy management
  • UPS capability-power during blackouts
  • IP66 rated design for outdoor use
  • Compact wall mount design
  • User friendly app interface
  • Online monitoring via Wi-Fi and apps
  • Easy to connect - battery and smart meter interfaces
  • Our new ASW H-S2 series inverters are 494x420x195 mm with a weight of only 21.5 kg. They feature an ultra-quiet mode with natural convection heat dissipation significantly reducing noise levels. The upgrades found in this series also bring enhancements to our award-winning waterproof design and IP66 certification for convenient indoor or outdoor installation.
  • We’ve thoroughly improved the main structure, configuration and system algorithm, with the support of multiple core processes such as circuit topology technology optimization and dual-phase shift control technology. Now our units can deliver break-through efficiency with an input power of up to 9 kW, 5 kW charging and discharging. The result is optimal energy usage with discharge efficiency increased to 94.7%.
  • Our new ASW H-S2 single-phase hybrid inverter series delivers impressive millisecond-level speed when switching from parallel to off-grid. System upgrades now detect grid disconnection in less than 10 ms, providing quicker than ever on-grid to off-grid switching. You will never worry about losing power during blackouts.

Customer Support
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