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Quality Control
Quality is ZNSHINE’s competitive edge. To meet this standard, we continue to invest in state-of-the art equipment and professional training of our employees. We are proud of our product quality and reliable reliability even in the most extreme conditions.

ZNSHINE has been certified by the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environmental Management system (ISO 14001:2015), and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001:2018). Photovoltaic modules have simultaneously obtained TUV, CSA, BIS, KS, MCS, CQC, CEC, INMETRO, DEWA, RETIE and CE product certification, providing a guarantee or the export of our products.
Our product performance testing center, plays an important role in ensuring the quality of our products. The center operates in accordance with the ISO/IEC17025 system,and is approved by CNAS, and has TUV SUD eyewitness laboratory qualification. The test covers many photoelectric performance tests in IEC, UL and relevant national standards. For the company to continuously improve product quality, to provide scientific and accurate data.
Quality Control Points
  • ISO9001 The solidification of the system really attaches importance to the process construction, consistent synchronization, process reconstruction, manufacturing process evaluation, upgrade the photovoltaic module system, create zxQA+ with cultural characteristics, to ensure that the pass rate of the factory is 100%.
  • ZNSHINE conducted a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of all incoming materials.Have multiple inspection and test items, including cell efficiency, EL test, glass transmittance, glass hydrophilic Angle, EVA crosslinking degree, junction box temperature test, tin-coated copper ribbon tin layer test, etc.Have a perfect inspection ability, a standard work process. The ECCB platform defines the import process of new materials / new processes / new suppliers and the responsibilities of relevant departments in the engineering change process, establishes benign communication with suppliers and improves the constraint system, and ensures that each batch of raw materials meets the quality standards of ZNSHINE.
  • ZNSHINE focuses on standardizing the system for employee operation and prevention, timely detection and correcting of process quality fluctuations; previously evaluation of material / technology matching, technology stability to improve the Manufacturing process capability,establish an OCAP process to quickly handle exceptions, ensuring the yield rate of modules is 99.2%.

    Each product must pass three EL tests: pre-laminate EL, post-laminated EL and final inspection EL, which minimize undesirable products while reducing overall production costs.

  • All production lines at the ZNSHINE manufacturing plant are equipped with advanced photovoltaic module power tester.The tester uses the most advanced AAA + level light source, compatible with the test functions of PERC / HJT / TOPCon cell modules on the market,with a complex power regulation system and a freely tunable optical pulse setting, the iad test method is able to accurately and conveniently test the most important data of each module, such as maximum power, working current, filling factor, etc., in a short time.

  • Establish QIMS quality information system, DCMS file management system, etc., and record the product information, material information, personnel information and equipment information in the product production process in the MES system, to achieve process monitoring and product traceability. Establish a quality big data system, realize the transformation of the management mode from inspection to guarantee, manifest the invisible problems, land the "quality valve", and realize the integration of information data and intelligence.
  • ZNSHINE focuses on reliability management, and conducts random sampling reliability test of bulk raw materials and products in each base, such as UV, LID, PID, TC, DH and other tests.Through the improvement of raw materials and product performance and quality assurance upgrade, strengthen the reliability failure analysis, standard reliability monitoring means, improve the overall level of reliability, meet the increasingly demanding customer requirements, for the sales team in the front end of the order "assault" to provide a strong guarantee, for the company to strive for more valuable order opportunities and customers
  • With customers as the focus, to improve product quality and service standards, from providing products to providing services, to create a leading industry quality assurance concept and reputation, to create value for customers and grow together with customers, customer satisfaction> 95%.
  • Improve the work ability and willingness of the team, introduce talents and management trainee training, establish the assessment and evaluation and elimination system. Cooperate with ZNSHINE College to carry out online training, build a learning team atmosphere and a learning organization, establish a replicable talent echelon to support the quality team of the company's business development.
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