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SRS-Standard Rooftop Solution
On the road to sustainable energy rooftop applications, ZNSHINE SRS introduces new rooftop photovoltaic solutions. The revolutionary rooftop photovoltaic installation solution solves a number of pain points in traditional photovoltaic rooftop solutions with three advantages, opening a new chapter in standardized rooftop PV installation.
SIMPLE: Simplified component selection and quick installation
SWIFT: Standardized packaging and installation, efficient transportation and sorting
RELIABLE: Rigorous testing and verification
3 Preventions: Anti-loose, Anti-corrosion, Thunderproof
3 Reductions: Labour-less, Vibration-resistant, Least maintenance
pic2  • Corrosion Resistance
 • Anti-loose
 • Fixed on the backside
 • Thunderproof
ZNSHINE  • Free and Simple Tools
 • Simple Training for Workers
ZNSHINE • Low cost of installation
• Low cost of maintenance
ZNSHINE • One step grounding and fastening
ZNSHINE Green Power Tile
ZNSHINE Green Power Tile is an innovative product for building integrated photovoltaic projects, enabling every roof to realize its solar power generation potential. The system is divided into two targeted systems: high power tile and waterproof tile systems to adapt to different types of roof scenarios.
ZNSHINE High Power Tile - New rooftop BIVP project solution
The high power tile is suitable for new rooftop BIPV projects. It adopts ZNSHINE colored steel tiles, ZNSHINE high power output modules, and quick installation clips to achieve optimal return on investment for rooftop solar PV systems.
Countinous Wall - Aluminum-rich zinc
magnesium coated tile
Industry-leading high power module 600w+
Quick installation clip SNAP
System Advantages
3-Defenses: Anti-collision, Leakage and Fire
3-Antis: Anti-wind Pressure, Corrosion and Aging
Durable & Reliable | Working Life Up to 30 Years
Quick Installation | 50% Less Time for BIPV Project Construction
Maintenance Free | Simplified Construction and No Regular Torque Maintenance Required
Lightweight Body | Lightweight Body
Weatherproof | Resists All Harsh Outdoor Weather
ZNSHINE Waterproof Tile System – Old Rooftop Renovation Project
ZNSHINE waterproof tile system is designed for old rooftop renovation projects. The main component adopts ZNSHINE high weather resistance coating, which can reinforces the patented T-pushnut installation clip, the sub sink, “n”shape push-piece design and innovative strengthened vertical beam design to improve the system reliability and load reliability, and greatly reduces the hidden danger of water leakage. The system can adapt to various types of rooftops and can install modules of any size horizontally or vertically. It matches and uses all kinds of common rooting parts in the market. Its lightweight feature reduces the load on the old rooftop to ensure a high level of safety.
Continuous length coated tile - aluminum-rich zinc magnesium coating
Highly-adaptable fit for various rooftops, modules and rooting parts
Quick installation clip-T-PUSHNUT
System Advantages
Main Til | Weather-resistant Coating to Deal With Extremely Heavy Rainfall
Quick Installation Clip T-pushnut | Anti-vibration and Loosening
Unique Push Piece Design | lmprove Wind-resistant Capabilities
Strengthened Vertical Beam Design | Improves Loadbearing Capacity of The System and Reduces The Hidden Danger of Water Leakage
Maintenance Free | Simplified Construction and No Regular Torque Maintenance Required
Weatherproof | Resists All Harsh Outdoor Weather
High Adaptability | Fits Various Rooftops, Roofing Parts, Modules
Customer Support
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