On the date of 23 July, ZNShine PV-Tech Co.,Ltd signed a Joint Venture Agreement with ARaymond China at the 17th China (JINAN) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference. Delegates and administrators attended the ceremony from the two companies. Among the most prominent attendees are Mr. William Wang (President of ZNShine Solar), Mr. Fabien Azzi (Executive Director of ARaymond China).Mr. William Wang began the ceremony by a speech where he praised the efforts that were made to make this partnership a success. He also expressed his happiness at signing the agreement with ARaymond China, as he stated that it is the best strategic partner for providing value-added quick installation solutions for the solar projects to the clients with higher efficiency and lower-cost. Mr. William Wang is also looking forward to the future successes that would result from this JV partnership in developing Solar Rooftop Mounting Quick Installation System and BIPV/BAPV applications.

Mr. Fabien Azzi, Executive Director of ARaymond China, welcomed this partnership as well. This partnership represents an extension and consolidation of the global partnership between
ZNShine and ARaymond, as he stated. During his speech, he pointed out the previous strategic cooperation started in 2021 was already a great success. The R&D of Quick Installation System (QIS) is fruitful between the companies. To answer the call for better BIPV solutions, the newly patent protected design BIPV-Solar Module Set adopts the QIS Clip-Snap is made of high-quality material with unique shock-proof design that reduces the install cost down by -38% minimum. He also talked about the aspiration of the Joint Venture for the future development in quick rooftop mounting system that go in line with the BIPV trends and the great prospect of Carbon Emission Peaking and the Net Zero target.

The ceremony concluded with the signing of the JV agreement between the two companies and taking photos.