ZNSHINE PV Tech Co., Ltd. (“ZNSHINE” or the “Company”) announce the first phase 20MW PV plant in Inner Mongolia has been completed and connected to the grid.
The whole project is 50MW, and the first phase is 20MW, covering an area of 0.98KM2 with 76000 high-performed modules from ZNSHINE.
The local solar resources is abundant, just after Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, ranked Top 2.The nature resources pushes local PV industry booming, making the area one of the most important PV industrial bases in China. It shows this area has installed 140MW in 2015 and with a cumulative installation of 790MW by then.
Mr. Jinhua Wang, VP of ZNSHINE, said, “As the 20MW projects connecting to the grid, it is expected that more and more renewable energy projects will be in pipeline. In this case, local life will be improved. ZNSHINE will work on projects development and installations, focusing on not only traditional utilities but also agricultural and piscicultural PV plants, commercial DG projects and residential ones, making contribution for domestic energy structure revolution ”
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