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Black Tech Shot! ZNSHINE Graphene Series Unveiling In Beijing,The Industry Is Witnessing The Evolution Era

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On March 26th, the launch of G12 evolution era – ZNSHINE Graphene Series Unveiling, was held in Beijing, China. Li Junfeng-The National Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation Center former Researcher; Zhou Xingguo-Dean of University of Science and Technology of China; Dr. Lv Peng-China University of Science and Technology, government leaders, scholars and 80 media reporters are witnessed the innovative technology of the G12 graphene series – 12 barsbar graphene, 5 barsbar graphene and double glass graphene, etc.
As a series of new blockbusters,graphene-coating Module(also called “self-cleaning module”) installing a thin layer of graphene , which is made of a single layer of carbon atoms, allows light to pass through more efficiently with better efficiency in converting light to electricity. It’s excellent light transmittance, super hydrophilic and unique self-cleaning capacity made it power output increased by 6% and generating duration extended by 3%.Wang Yingchun, CEO of ZNSHINE Solar, sales president Li Qian, technical and quality general manager Wang Dong and vice President of the operations center Zhang Wei jointly unveil the innovative technology.

According to Wang Yingchun, CEO of ZNSHINE solar, after more than ten years of development, China’s PV industry has occupied a global leading position in terms of technology, scale, and cost, while the industry has been surging under the general trend of accelerated industrial transformation and upgrading. A wave of vigorous research and development efforts to speed up the core technology iterations, with a view to promoting the reduction cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity as soon as possible.As the largest PV power generation company listed in NEEQ(National Equities Exchange And Quotations), ZNSHINE solar has always been adhering to the concept of technological innovation as the forerunner and nurture graphene-coating series of high-efficiency modules, which will help the industry to achieve parity at the earliest possible date, he said.
This series was jointly developed by ZNSHINE Solar and University of Science and Technology of China. According to reports, on the basis of the traditional Mono and Poly module production process, ZNSHINE graphene-coating dense busbars modules will combine with PERC, N-type double-sided, black silicon cell technology. The integration of current cutting-edge technologies will increase the efficiency of the industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
Wang Dong, the technical and quality general manager of Znshine Solar, revealed that, with the maturation of graphene-related application technologies, it will intensify integration with various industries and provide breakthrough technological solutions for the development of the industry. At present, Znshine Graphene-Coating Glass is initially available. This series module capacity is 500MW and it expected to further expand the capacity to 2GW by the end of this year, and by the end of 2019, the capacity will be expanded to around 5GW.

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