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Double Glass Technology: Harnessing Authentic Advantages for Reliable Power Output

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Double glass photovoltaic modules stand out with remarkable advantages in power generation, embodying authenticity in their performance. The transparency and robust UV resistance of glass seamlessly align with the characteristics of double-sided cells, establishing a flawless synergy. When it comes to the module backsheet, the industry widely acknowledges the superiority of glass backsheets. In 2018, Joshua S. Stein from Sandia National Laboratories and Dirk C. Jordan from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducted an in-depth review of double glass photovoltaic modules, delving into various pertinent issues.


The conventional structure of solar panels typically encompasses photovoltaic glass, EVA film, solar cells, EVA film/white EVA film, and a photovoltaic backsheet. In contrast, double glass solar modules adopt an innovative design, featuring a double-layer glass in lieu of the traditional photovoltaic backsheet. This design, comprising front and rear double-layer glass and solar cells, not only significantly amplifies power generation performance but also mitigates the risk of local hidden cracks, thereby extending the module's lifespan.

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Transparent Design Aesthetics

The innovative structure of double glass solar modules radiates excellence across various dimensions. First and foremost, their transparency confers a unique advantage in projects such as agricultural, fishing, and forestry complementarity. In the realm of photovoltaic glass greenhouses, these modules not only achieve photovoltaic power generation but also harmonize with the planting needs of crops inside the greenhouse. This not only enhances aesthetics but also introduces an element of visual appeal.


Physical Deformation Resistance, Chemical Reaction Resilience

Double glass modules, endowed with a symmetrical structure of two glass surfaces, exhibit heightened strength compared to traditional backsheets. The absence of a backsheet reduces the risk of local hidden cracks during construction and installation, while effectively curbing the deformation of solar cells, thereby diminishing the likelihood of microcracks during heavy snowfall. With glass as the primary component, double glass modules showcase remarkable resistance to chemical reactions, significantly bolstering the overall structure's corrosion resistance.


Improved and Stable Power Generation Efficiency

Double glass modules excel in dissipating heat during power generation, contributing to heightened power generation efficiency. Their dependable cell efficiency, anti-PID characteristics, enhanced low-light response, and adaptability to harsh outdoor environments empower them to achieve higher power output under various lighting conditions.


Extensive comparative test data from industry leaders unequivocally indicate that, after undergoing rigorous testing such as thermal cycling (TC), damp heat (DH), humidity-freeze (HF), and mechanical loads, the degradation level of double glass photovoltaic modules is noticeably lower than that of single glass modules employing polymer backsheets. Particularly noteworthy is their outstanding performance in resisting damp-heat aging: while single glass modules often struggle to pass DH3000 tests, double glass modules effortlessly navigate these tests, courtesy of glass's excellent water vapor barrier ability. Based on their stellar performance in stringent reliability tests, manufacturers of photovoltaic modules have extended the power warranty period of double glass modules to 30 years, accompanied by a commitment to a lower annual degradation rate.



Wide Range of Authentic Applications

In terms of application scenarios, double glass modules emerge as the go-to choice owing to their outstanding weather resistance and durability. They find suitability in photovoltaic power stations across various environmental conditions, including coastal areas, waterfronts, high-humidity regions, areas with severe acid rain and salt spray, as well as windy and sandy terrains like the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and the environs of the Sahara Desert in Africa.


In summary, double glass solar modules, with their authentic structure and exceptional performance, spearhead the development trajectory of the solar energy industry. By opting for glass over traditional backsheets in their design, these modules exhibit outstanding performance across diverse usage scenarios, presenting a more dependable solution for the promotion of clean energy. Choosing ZNSHINE's double glass modules encapsulates a host of advantageous features, culminating in a higher-performance solar energy solution.

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