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Interview | ZNSHINE SOLAR Breaks the 4GW Milestone in India, Shaping Future Strategic Plans

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Recently, Mukesh Mishra, the Sales Director for ZNSHINE SOLAR in India, was interviewed by "Electrical & Power Review" magazine to delve into the latest developments, strategic planning, and future vision of ZNSHINE SOLAR in the Indian market.


According to the 2023 fiscal year Renewable Energy Updates report by JMK, the renewable energy market in India is rapidly expanding. The Indian government's plan includes initiating tenders for at least 50 million kilowatts of renewable energy projects annually from the fiscal year 2024 to 2028, with a predominant focus on solar power projects.


Director Mukesh Mishra highlighted ZNSHINE SOLAR's leading position in technology and services since its establishment 35 years ago. In India, ZNSHINE primarily focuses on integrated photovoltaic solutions, rooftop solar installations, and floating solar power plants. Over the past seven years, the company has successfully supplied over 4 GW of photovoltaic solutions to the Indian market, solidifying its crucial position.


During the interview, Director Mukesh Mishra revealed that the company has supplied over 800 MW of capacity to multiple integrated photovoltaic and distributed power station operators, establishing itself as a leading Chinese supplier in the Indian solar market. Beyond strengthening existing product lines, the company continues to expand its portfolio with efficient modules and product diversification.


Since becoming the top Chinese module supplier in India in 2018, ZNSHINE SOLAR has consistently deepened its presence in the local market. The company has solidified strong business relationships in India, providing high-quality modules for multiple large-scale power stations, earning high trust from customers. In the second quarter of the 23rd year, ZNSHINE SOLAR maintained its leading position among Chinese module companies in the Indian solar field.



In terms of products, ZNSHINE SOLAR not only continues to offer solar modules but has also made significant progress in product innovation. The company has developed the patented ZNSHINE Green Energy Tile, a BIPV concept, and independently developed new products such as N-type TOPCon16 grid high-efficiency, high-power modules based on the PERC platform, and PVB high-transparency colored dual-glass modules. These innovations strongly support the company's competitive advantage in the Indian market.



Facing challenges from policy adjustments by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) in India, Director Mishra expressed confidence in the future. The company plans to introduce cutting-edge technologies such as 700W high-power 210mm modules while strengthening channel partnerships and establishing regional distributors in major states to better serve regional customers. The strategic plan involves expanding market share and coverage by seeking distributors in each Indian state, with the vision of having a distributor in every state by the end of the year.


"Where there is SUNSHINE, there is ZNSHINE." ZNSHINE SOLAR will continue to contribute to the renewable energy cause in India, actively supporting the sustainable growth of the Indian photovoltaic industry. The remarkable achievements ZNSHINE SOLAR has attained in the Indian solar market lay a solid foundation for future growth, innovation, and sustainable development, painting a bright and sustainable future for the Indian solar landscape.

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