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Sustainability Milestone | ZNShine Cooperates with International Organizations to Release Environmental Product Declaration Report, Earning Mutual Recognition with EPD Italy

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Recently, ZNShine proudly released the first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) report, born out of the EPD Italian mutual recognition model. This important milestone marks the close cooperation between ZNShine and top international institutions, adding new momentum behind our dedication to sustainable development. Since 2022, ZNShine has been communicating with Shanghai Green Wing Product Environmental Statement Promotion Center (EPD Promotion Center) and EPD Italy on mutual recognition matters. After unrelenting efforts, we successfully released this highly anticipated report in early 2024, achieving a historic first in the number of mutual recognition reports.


The report was jointly released by the EPD Promotion Center and EPD Italy, with ownership belonging to ZNShine. In terms of project consulting, TUV Nord provided professional guidance throughout the entire process, from project initiation to the registration and release of the EPD report, ensuring that the entire process was smooth and efficient. In addition, this project is also the first example of cooperation between the EPD Promotion Center and a contracted audit agency. Bureau Veritas, as an independent third party, strictly audited the EPD report and factory process to ensure that they meet internationally recognized standards.


Zheng Huxiang, technical director at ZNShine, said, “The release of EPD reports through mutual recognition between the EPD Promotion Center and EPD Italy has eased the mutual recognition cycle with international institutions, allowing companies to get a ‘pass’ to enter specific markets in a timely manner, while simultaneously establishing an environmentally friendly corporate image between China and the Italian market, opening a new channel for companies to expand into domestic and foreign markets."


Yun Fei, director of the EPD Promotion Center, believes that the ZNShine project, being the first mutual recognition project between the EPD Promotion Center and EPD Italy, represents a significant next step for the EPD Promotion Center. The ZNShine EPD report is not only the first product of the mutual recognition cooperation between the EPD Promotion Center and the EPD Italian Platform, but also marks the success of the first cooperation between the EPD Promotion Center and the contracting agency. It not only sets new standards for the review process of EPD reports, but also provides a solid framework for subsequent collaborations. Director Yun Fei further stated that the auditing cooperation with Bureau Veritas and the project cooperation with TUV Nord have deepened the EPD Promotion Center's domestic and international influence, as well as demonstrated the shared confidence and determination of many parties in promoting EPDs.



The goal of EPDs is to enable consumers, businesses and governments to have a clearer understanding of the environmental performance of products by providing accurate, transparent and standardized environmental information. An EPD can reflect the continuous improvement of a product’s environmental impact over a period of time, as well as facilitate the communication of relevant environmental information in the product supply chain. At the same time, EPDs can help certificate holders gain market competitive advantages and meet the market demand for environmental products. The purpose of the establishment and development of the EPD Promotion Center is to be China's leader in linking global product environmental declaration services and to help companies obtain a "pass" to enter specific markets.


The release of ZNShine’s EPD report demonstrates ZNShine’s sense of responsibility towards the environment and commitment to sustainable development, setting an example for sustainable development in the industry, while also motivating other companies to participate in EPD projects and promote sustainable development globally.


The cooperation between the EPD Promotion Center, TUV Nord and Bureau Veritas effectively promotes the environmental protection and sustainable development goals of enterprises and contributes to global sustainable development. We also look forward to attracting more enterprises to join the EPD project in the future and utilize the EPD as a tool to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and jointly promote the cause of global sustainable development.

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