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The Summit | ZNSHine Solar Invited to Attend the 11th Solar Finance& Investment Europe

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On February 1, 2024, the 11th Solar Finance& Investment Europe took place as scheduled in London, UK. ZNSHine Solar, as one of the leading module suppliers, sponsored the event and invited Adrien Schmid-Kieninger, the Iberian Regional Manager, as a keynote speaker to share profound insights into the solar energy industry and introduce the company's latest innovative photovoltaic solutions.

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During the summit, Adrien Schmid-Kieninger emphasized the urgent need to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, especially in Europe and globally. He highlighted the necessity for significantly increased investments in clean energy to achieve the net-zero emissions target by 2050 and underscored the crucial role of solar energy in this transition. He stated that solar energy, as a pollution-free energy source, will play a key role in future energy transformations, bringing significant opportunities for investors, developers, and power purchasers.


ZNSHine Solar, as a frontrunner in the photovoltaic industry, has always been committed to innovation and technological advancement. In his latest presentation, Adrien Schmid-Kieninger showcased the company's innovative products, particularly the SRS system and graphene modules. He emphasized how the SRS system addresses challenges in rooftop photovoltaic projects and highlighted its standardized design, rapid installation, and high reliability. Regarding graphene technology, ZNSHine Solar is the first enterprise in the industry to apply graphene to module industrialization, fully utilizing its properties to enhance glass transparency and self-cleaning ability, thereby improving photovoltaic module efficiency and reducing operational costs.


In addition to introducing the company's innovative products, Adrien Schmid-Kieninger also emphasized the features and procedures of export buyer's credit. This medium- to long-term financing convenience brings a win-win situation, reducing the risk of purchasing photovoltaic products: Chinese banks grant loans to importers or importer banks, supported by the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SinoSure), covering the export of capital goods and services. This arrangement not only reduces financing costs for importers but also optimizes the asset-liability structure for exporters.


ZNSHine Solar was honored with the GF60 Green Finance Award for Best Innovation Practice for its rooftop photovoltaic project collaboration with enterprises in 2023. The company actively responds to green finance initiatives, promoting various renewable energy projects and providing innovative cooperation models for enterprises, achieving a win-win situation for economic and environmental goals. Currently, the company has collaborated with multiple enterprises on rooftop photovoltaic projects, introducing flexible cooperation methods and financial tool strategies, providing diversified cooperation for enterprises. This innovative collaboration not only achieves environmental goals but also brings greater economic advantages to enterprises.

As the solar energy industry continues to develop and innovate, ZNSHine Solar will continue to provide customers with high-quality photovoltaic products and solutions, promoting the popularization and application of renewable energy and making greater contributions to building a clean and green future.

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