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ZNSHINE SOLAR Awarded the "Top 10 Brands in Annual Photovoltaic Building Solutions" at the 8th Good Photovoltaic Awards

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On November 7, 2023, the grand opening of the 8th China (Linyi) New Energy High-Quality Development Conference, concurrent with the 8th China Photovoltaic Industry Forum and the Good Photovoltaic Brand Ceremony, took place in the historic Red Zone of Linyi, Shandong. Driven by independent research and innovation, ZNSHINE SOLAR proudly received the "Top 10 Brands in Annual Photovoltaic Building Solutions" award at the Good Photovoltaic Brand Ceremony, recognizing the company's outstanding contributions and innovations in the field of photovoltaics.


The ZNSHINE Green Energy Tile System, an innovative product for integrated photovoltaic projects in building construction, aims to harness the solar energy potential of every roof. The system comprises two targeted solutions: the High Power Tile and Waterproof Tile System, designed to adapt to different types of roof scenarios, meeting market demands.


BIPV- The High Power Tile System adopts a lightweight design and innovative installation methods, reducing material and installation costs while enhancing system reliability. Rigorous professional testing ensures its performance and lifespan, while BAPV- the Waterproof Tile System, with its innovative design, minimizes the risk of roof leakage and demonstrates seismic and wind-resistant capabilities. This innovative solution is suitable for various roof types, providing a high-quality photovoltaic system.


ZNSHINE SOLAR's Green Energy Tile System seamlessly integrates green energy with building structures, achieving perfect harmony through proprietary technologies for photovoltaic building integration. Widely recognized for its importance in the renewable energy sector, the system has been certified by TUV SUD with the "ZNSHINE Green Energy Tile BIPV System Certification," meeting both IEC requirements for photovoltaics and domestic building regulations. Additionally, coupled with ZNSHINE SOLAR's professional roof engineering solutions, the company offers specialized designs and construction for roof ridges, gables, and walkway panels. Supported by a robust service team, ZNSHINE SOLAR provides a comprehensive solution for system design, construction, and maintenance, optimizing the return on investment for rooftop photovoltaic systems.


Representatives at the conference highlighted the unprecedented prosperity in the photovoltaic industry amid the global demand for renewable energy and clean power generation. As a representative of sustainable energy, photovoltaics not only provides a reliable alternative as traditional energy sources phase out but also contributes to achieving energy revolution and "dual carbon" goals.


This prestigious award not only affirms ZNSHINE SOLAR's outstanding performance in the field of photovoltaic building solutions but also showcases its success in high-quality and innovative development within the photovoltaic industry. ZNSHINE SOLAR remains dedicated to driving the industry forward, offering innovative solutions to meet the growing demand for clean energy and contributing to the vision of a sustainable energy future.

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