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ZNSHINE SOLAR Shines at Energyear in Mexico | Graphene Technology Empowering Local Renewable Energy Mission

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Last week, Manuel Arredondo, the regional head of ZNSHINE SOLAR, took the stage at the Energyear forum in Mexico for a discussion on the topic, "Photovoltaic Information and Technological Development in the Mexican Market." He shared insights into ZNSHINE SOLAR's cutting-edge technologies and products, receiving positive feedback from the audience and some partners, providing strong support for the company's development in the Mexican market.



Energyear Mexico serves as a highly influential platform that fosters the integration and development of renewable energy through Mexico's most valuable network space in the energy industry. During the discussion, Manuel highlighted the acclaim received by ZNSHINE SOLAR's 555/580 W dual-glass graphene modules in the Mexican market, presenting innovative solutions for the country's photovoltaic sector. This was a focal point in Manuel Arredondo's discussion, eliciting a positive response from attendees.



ZNSHINE SOLAR's graphene modules employ advanced graphene coating technology, seamlessly integrating glass transparency with self-cleaning capabilities. Since industrial production began in 2018, this technology has undergone further upgrades, enhancing glass transparency and endowing photovoltaic glass with self-cleaning functionality through its superhydrophilic surface characteristics. Timely cleaning or the use of self-cleaning modules allows the photovoltaic system to generate an additional 3%-5% of electricity during normal operation. According to benchmark tests by PV Magazine, ZNSHINE SOLAR's graphene- coated modules demonstrated a significant 3.7% increase in electricity generation. The application of this technology provides the company's products with a competitive edge in the market, not only improving power generation efficiency but also reducing operational costs, making ZNSHINE SOLAR stand out in the Mexican market as the preferred renewable energy solution for investors.



With its abundant wind, solar, and mineral resources, coupled with a growing domestic market and regional demand, Mexico has emerged as a leader in the renewable energy sector. Currently, Mexico has outlined strict renewable energy goals, planning to double renewable energy generation by 2035 and add 30 GW of renewable energy generation in the next eight years. This presents vast opportunities for ZNSHINE SOLAR's development in the Mexican market. The company remains committed to contributing to Mexico's renewable energy goals and providing users with reliable, efficient photovoltaic solutions. With the promising prospects of the booming Mexican market, ZNSHINE SOLAR looks forward to making even greater contributions to Mexico's sustainable energy journey in the future.

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