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ZNSHINE Solar: Leading the Arrival of the Green Energy Era with Innovative Power

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In today's era of pursuing green power and low-carbon production, the rooftop solar market is receiving increasing attention, with ZNSHINE Solar emerging as a key force driving transformation in this field through its innovative products and forward-thinking strategies to boost green electricity efficiency.

In recent years, the domestic solar installation market has undergone significant changes, transitioning from centralized utility-scale projects to rural household markets and further to the development of C&I projects. Distributed solar has become a crucial driving force for new installations. Over the next 30 years, the commercial and industrial sectors are expected to become the main drivers of growth in China's solar industry, and ZNSHINE Solar is thriving in this context with its innovative products and solutions empowering businesses and projects.


As an innovative product in photovoltaic building integration, the ZNSHINE waterproof tile system is a masterpiece designed specifically for retrofitting existing building roofs. The project at the factory roof of Nanjing Dongya New Materials Co., Ltd. is a typical application case of ZNSHINE's waterproof tile system, earning ZNSHINE Solar the GF60 Green Finance Award and the "Top 10 Brands of Photovoltaic Building Solutions of the Year" award at the Good Photovoltaic Brand Summit. This system not only effectively addresses industry pain points such as roof aging and insufficient load-bearing capacity but also provides 25 years of waterproof protection, creating a reliable solar energy emission station on the roof. Currently, this series has successfully connected to the grid in 5 projects, with a total installed capacity of 14.635MW, achieving an annual carbon emission reduction of 15,399 tons, actively contributing to the realization of the country's dual carbon goals and the development of sustainable energy strategies.

Additionally, ZNSHINE Solar actively innovates its products, recently launching the ZNGreen Energy Cloud series, including Color Cloud, Light Cloud, and Sooth Cloud. The Color Cloud series offers colorful photovoltaic modules with architectural aesthetics, the Light Cloud series features ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules, and the Sooth Cloud series ingeniously addresses installation hazards of traditional modules through lightweight design. These new products align with the trend of integrated photovoltaic building solutions, providing reliable and aesthetically pleasing solar solutions for various buildings.

In the international market, ZNSHINE Solar has topped the list of China's module exports to India for several years. In the Brazilian market, ZNSHINE Solar has deepened its presence over the years, ranking among the top 10 most memorable module brands. These achievements not only demonstrate the market recognition of ZNSHINE Solar's product quality and brand but also showcase its solid strength and supply capacity in the global photovoltaic market.

In recent years, ZNSHINE Solar has been actively leading the transformation of the rooftop market with its innovative products and forward-thinking strategies. By continuously expanding domestic and international markets and providing reliable and durable low-carbon energy solutions, ZNSHINE Solar not only empowers businesses but also injects new vitality into the global green energy cause. Against the backdrop of rapid development in the photovoltaic industry, ZNSHINE Solar will continue to play a pioneering role in the industry, contributing more power to the construction of a better future.

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