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ZNSHINE Solar high-efficiency modules successfully pass KS certification

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After one year of groundwork, ZNSHINE Solar high efficiency monocrystalline modules successfully passed the KS (Korean Industrial Standards) certification, which marks that the quality of ZNSHINE high-efficiency products has been affirmed in the Korean market.

Certification authority

The KS certification is a national certification system that conducts a rigorous review of companies that can consistently and steadily produce products above the Korean Industrial Standards (KS) level to enable them to affix the KS mark. The certification aims to consolidate the industrial foundation of South Korea, improve the quality and production efficiency of the manufacturer products, promote the standardization and fairness of economic exchanges, so as to improve product competitiveness.

Thanks to the world’s leading intelligent manufacturing system, strong independent R&D capability and efficient operation and management capability, ZNSHINE Solar passed the KS certification strict and audit criterias at one time. The acquisition of KS certification confirms ZNSHINE products high quality and high level of management. It contributes in helping ZNSHINE and its Korean customers to cooperate closely and smoothly, increasing the development of ZNSHINE brand in the Korean market since the KS certification is famous for “high standards and strict requirements” in the industry.

Market Analysis

Korea has always been one of the Asian PV markets that ZNSHINE has been trying to depelop in. The certified monocrystalline modules have the advantages of high efficiency, high reliability and high power generation. We believe that only high efficient and reliable products can meet the needs and create value for our global customers. At the same time, ZNSHINE Solar has also set up a Korean branch office in Seoul, in order to provide local customers with high-quality sales consulting and product services, and to meet the customers needs in a faster time.

As a PV brand based on the global development, ZNSHINE Solar continues to expand the overseas market in order to meet the diversified needs of the global market, bringing more customers high-quality component products and efficient professional product services.

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