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ZNShine Solar Brand License serial number control notice in the United States

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 Dear Customers:

Thank you for your choice of ZNSHINE branded solar PV modules.

For your peace of mind that the solar PV modules you are getting are genuine ZNSHINE products so they are in full conformity with ZNSHINE’s stringent quality standards, you are encouraged to verify that they are genuine ZNSHINE products by checking the serial numbers of your solar PV modules against the master data of ZNSHINE product serial numbers [As Per Attached Excel Files]. The master data herewith is an addition to the solar PV modules sold by our company directly to the end customers in USA market. This database is current for all the ZNSHINE-branded solar PV modules distributed and sold in the USA, by ZNSHINE’s authorized agents, from Sep 1st, 2019 through Dec 31st, 2022.

We at ZNSHINE are committed to the protection of your legitimate rights and benefits using ZNSHINE products, by staying vigilant against any possible infringement of ZNSHINE intellectual property rights of the products, including but not limited to fake ZNSHINE-branded solar PV modules. You are therefore strongly encouraged to contact us in case of any issues when verifying your serial numbers against the master data.

 We are committed, in protection of the rights and interests of our USA customers, to the empowerment and implementation of the following measures:

1. We uphold a high standard of intellectual property rights protection. Our actively safeguard ZNSHINE’s intellectual property rights, relentlessly crack down on any infringement of our intellectual property rights, and maintain ZNSHINE brand’s integrity and equity.

2. We uphold a high level protection of our customers' rights and interests using ZNSHINE products. Our company publishes, in the 1st quarter each year, the serial numbers of ZNSHINE products sold by agents in the preceding year; at the same time, customers are welcome to verify and report any failures proactively. We will keep the informant confidential and award those proven truthful.

Contact Details:

Your satisfaction with ZNSHINE solar PV modules is the best compliment.

Thank you for your support and trust.


Yours faithfully,


Znshine PV-Tech Co., Ltd



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