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ZNShine Solar Brand control notice in the United States

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Dear Customers:

Thank you for your choice of ZNSHINE branded solar PV modules.

Recently we have found some behaviors of counterfeiting our ZNSHINE brand for PV  module quotations in USA market.These behaviors were from cetain companies or factories in Vietnam or other regions,and their quotations were much lower than the  conventional market price.This behavior has not only seriously infringed on our company's intellectual properties and pricing system,but also bringed extreme  disturbance to our USA customers and seriously affected our sales to customers and the  cooperative experience of terminal customers.We hereby solemnly declare as follows:

1.Before the date of this notice,our company have not had any fomal brand authorization partners from Vietnam.

2.Before the date of this notice,any ZNSHINE PV Modules marufactured in Vietnam are counterfeit products or unauthorized products,which were illegal and infringing. Any quotation of Vietnamese companies or factories regarding the ZNSHINE brand solar PV modules were not from authorized partners of our company.Products which were  not purchased from our authorized partners have unknown sources and unguaranteed quality,and are not covered by our company's warranty.

3. We at ZNSHINE are committed to the protection of your legitimate rnights and benefits using ZNSHINE products,by staying vigilant against any possible  infringement  of ZNSHINE intellectual property rights of the products,including but not limited to fake ZNSHINE-branded solar PV modules.You are therefore srongly  ancouraged to contact us if you notice any of the above bahaviors.

4.We are committed,in protection of the nights and interests of our USA customers,to the empowerment and implementation of the following measures:

(1)We uphold a high standard of intellectual property rights protection.Our actively safeguard ZNSHINE's intellectual property rights,relentlessly crack down on any infringement of our intellectual property rights,and maintain ZNSHINE brand's integrity and equity.If the rights and interests of our company and customers are seriously affected,we will hire law fims from the USA or Vietram to intervene and protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company and our customers.

(2) We uphold a high level protection of our customers'rights and interests using ZNSHINE products.It is recommended that customers in the USA need to confirm the validity of the "ZNSHINE Brand Authorization Letter"before cooperating with our partner.Please purchase our products from our brand authorization partners to avoid purchasing counterfeit and inferior products and prevent quality and warranty issues.

      At the same time,customers are welcome to verity and report any fallures proactively. We will keep the informant confidential and award those proven truthfut.


Your satisfaction with ZNSHINE solar PV modules is the best compliment.


Thank you for your support and trust.


Yours faithfully,


Znshine PV-Tech Co., Ltd


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