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ZNShine Solar Receives Dual Honors at "Photon Cup" Photovoltaic Industry Awards

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In January 2023, the spotlight of the photovoltaic industry converged at the 5th "Carbon Suo" Entrepreneur New Year Sharing Session and the 11th "Photon Cup" Photovoltaic Industry Awards Ceremony held in Suzhou. At this highly anticipated event, ZNShine Solar was honored with the highest accolades in the Photovoltaic Module Industry category, receiving the titles of the Most Influential Photovoltaic Module Company and the Most Influential Photovoltaic EPC Company for 2023.

Photon Cup: The Power of Industry Benchmark


Photon Cup, initiated in 2012, is the most prestigious awards event in the Chinese photovoltaic industry, witnessing the industry's flourishing development. Over the past decade, Photon Cup has shouldered the industry's responsibility, faithfully documenting the photovoltaic industry's journey, and serving as the benchmark of the industry. The Photon Cup New Year Innovation Sharing Session has evolved into the most significant event in the new energy industry, attracting photovoltaic leaders to discuss trends, share management experiences, and drive the "dual carbon" initiative. This innovative sharing session has become a platform for industry exchange, cooperation, and mutual success, facilitating the collective advancement of the photovoltaic industry towards new heights.

At the sharing session, ZNShine Solar showcased forward-looking insights and shared practical experiences, injecting new vitality into the photovoltaic industry. As one of the industry leaders, ZNShine Solar actively embraces change, employing a long-term strategic vision to inject momentum into the green new era and set a commendable example for industry development.


Over the past year, ZNShine Solar has made significant progress in the field of new energy. Not only has the company received numerous accolades for technological innovation, but it has also gained recognition in the market. Achievements such as being recognized as the Best Performing Company in the PVEL Photovoltaic Module Reliability Scorecard, the NO.1 Chinese module supplier in the Indian market, and one of the top ten module suppliers in the Brazilian market highlight the company's strength and influence. Furthermore, ZNShine Solar has actively promoted various renewable energy projects, providing innovative cooperation models for businesses and achieving a win-win situation for economic benefits and environmental goals. By introducing flexible collaboration methods and financial tools, the company has engaged in photovoltaic rooftop and EPC projects with multiple enterprises, injecting more vitality into the industry.

The dual recognition of "Photon Cup" in the photovoltaic industry is a testament to ZNShine Solar's outstanding performance and leading innovation capabilities. This honor not only acknowledges the company's past efforts but also serves as motivation and encouragement for future development. In the journey ahead, ZNShine Solar will continue to lead the photovoltaic industry's development, contributing more strength to the cause of green energy.

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