August 11th, 2020 – The PV module manufacturer ZNShine Solar announced the expansion plan of 10GW high-efficiency modules. The expansion plan is based on market demand, customer orders, and needs.

The new expansion project is ZNShine Solar 2020 investment focus, and it is also necessary for the company to guarantee the enhancement of its global market share. The production base of the project is located in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. The total investment of the project is expected to reach 5.5 billion renminbi, and the total planned production capacity is 10GW.

The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the module production capacity of 4GW covering an area of 124000 square meters, will be officially put into production in November 2020. The second phase of 6GW is expected to be put into operation in 2021.

The new project will adopt the world’s most advanced production equipment and automatic production line, introducing non-destructive cutting, small spacing & high-density encapsulation and multislice technology, and be compatible with the latest 18Xand 210mm solar cells production.

The maximum compatible version of the module will be 2650x1450mm, which will effectively improve the production efficiency of high-efficiency modules and the maximum stable mass production power will be 720W for single and double glass modules. Once the project will be put into operation, ZNShine will also bring 2000 jobs to the local area, boosting the development of Suqian’s renewable energy industry.

The new capacity equipment will be mainly used in the production of 18x / 210mm cells high-efficiency modules. ZNShine Solar adopts a number of cutting-edge innovative technologies, such as big silicon wafer, high-density encapsulation, MBB, etc., with solar energy conversion efficiency of more than 21% and module power output of more than 600W. Each ZNShine high-efficiency module can be customized with graphene-coating technology to enhance the self-cleaning ability of modules and increase the power generation gain per watt.

1. 10MBB module – ZNShine Solar, as a leader in the MBB technology field, previously has riched 12BB mass production technology and experience. MBB can greatly reduce the current collection and improve the optical and electrical performance of the module. MBB module has a better module weak light response-ability, effectively improving the full-time power generation efficiency of the module.

2. Applying non-destructive cutting technology – Traditional cells cutting technology will exert a mechanical force to break the cell along the incision, so there will be micro-cracks on the cutting surface, which will affect the mechanical strength of the cell. In order to improve the reliability of new products, ZNShine Solar introduces “non-destructive cutting technology”, which applies “low-temperature laser”, combined with the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, without external mechanical force, so that the cell can be separated naturally. Therefore, the cutting surface is smooth without cracks, and the mechanical strength of the cell is also higher.

3. High-density encapsulation technology – ZNShine Solar introduces the latest welding technology and welding tape materials in the industry. Through the local flattening process of the welding strip, the cell spacing is reduced to 0.5mm. This high-density encapsulation method can effectively reduce the module size. Compared with “lamination technology”, this technology can effectively avoid the risk of cell crack and power loss, and improve the output power of the module.

4. Low voltage characteristic – High-power strings, reducing BOS costs. Compared with the conventional 500W design, the open-circuit voltage of the new ZNShine Solar 600W design is about 10V lower, which has obvious advantages. A simulation showed that the system can install 33 modules in each string, and the power of a single string can be increased by more than 40%. Therefore, 600W modules can greatly reduce the number of supports, combiner boxes, and cables, save construction costs, and reduce the cost of about 8 cents per watt.

With the continuous expansion of market scale and the upgrading of solar products technology, the company’s current capacity has been far from meeting customer demand. Therefore, through the expansion plan, the contradiction between supply and demand in the market can be alleviated, ZNShine global market share will be enhanced, and the company’s position in the PV industry will be strengthened. At the same time, with the expansion of the scale and level of intelligent manufacturing, it can effectively reduce the proportion of labor, improve the quality of PV modules and the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market, expand the scale of enterprise revenue, and enhance the profitability of enterprises.

About ZNShine Solar
Founded in 1988, ZNShine Solar has developed into a leading global supplier of solar modules. In 2000 entered the international market, and ranked India’s first supplier in terms of shipment for more than ten years, which has established ZNShine’s international market position.

Today, ZNShine Solar has set up offices in 12 countries and regions around the world (Japan, South Korea, India, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Chile, Brazil, and Africa), and has built a business structure able to serve the world. ZNshine has already shipped 20GW of solar energy all over the world.

ZNShine Solar is committed to providing customers with the most valuable solar products. The module production capacity will reach 10GW in 2020. Large scale and intelligent production will enable ZNShine to meet the needs of customers and the challenges posed by the market.