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ZNShine publishes First ESG Report: New Sustainability Milestones

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ZNShine Solar has released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report, revealing its commitment and achievements in sustainability. Using 2023 as a base year and based on the Global Reporting Initiative's GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, the report details the company's performance and indicators in all areas, demonstrating its strong positions and practical actions in the areas of environment, social responsibility and corporate governance.

As a leader in the field of green energy, ZNShine deeply integrates green development concepts into its products and services. "Standing at a new starting point, ZNShine will continue to lead the development of the photovoltaic industry, anchor its goals, promote the popularization and application of renewable energy, make greater contributions to the construction of a clean and green future, and contribute to sustainable economic, social and environmental development," said Wang Yingchun, CEO of ZNShine.

In its annual report, ZNShine showcases outstanding results in low carbon operations. The company has deeply integrated into the concept of green environmental protection and established a three-level ESG management structure to promote the development of sustainable energy. Strict compliance with regulations, continuous improvement of the environmental management system, including ISO 14001 certification, and regular testing of exhaust gas, wastewater and noise. Through equipment replacement and process optimization, ZNShine significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of social responsibility, the company pays attention to the health of employees, provides health insurance and regular physical examinations, and actively participates in public welfare undertakings and sets up a charity fund pool for employees. Through a series of energy saving and emission reduction measures, ZNShine achieves the efficient use and recycling of resources, minimizing the impact on the environment. The report data shows that the company's energy consumption, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of 10,000 yuan of revenue have been reduced in the industry.

In addition to its own green practices, ZNShine is also committed to promoting the development of the entire industry chain in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable direction. The company optimizes supplier management and encourages the use of renewable and recycled materials to reduce resource consumption and environmental impact. In terms of scientific and technological innovation, we attach great importance to and continue to invest. During the reporting period, the company participated in the formulation of industry standards, was approved a number of key scientific research projects, and applied for 134 patents in total. In the future, we will continue to pursue scientific research and innovation to adapt to market changes and customer needs, and contribute to the development of green economy.

This ESG report marks a new milestone for ZNShine in the field of sustainability, demonstrating that the company will continue to lead green development and innovation practices and contribute to global sustainability. This is not only the company's commitment to the global community, but also its solid progress on the path of sustainable development, laying the foundation for future development.

ZNSHINE Solar ESG Report

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