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Znshine Achieves The Best Performing Among all Poly Suppliers in PV MAGAZINE TEST

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PV magazine presents the energy yield results from the outdoor test site in Xi’an,China, that was built in cooperation with CEA, this week. The results show bifacial modules outperforms and energy yield gains of the znshine Gra-polysilicon module excels in many polycrystalline products.
In order to verify the energy gains of Gra-poly modules under different conditions, Znshine entrusted third-party PV MAGZEINE designated laboratory to install modules and record performance in August.
A test was set up between three Znshine modules and other modules, of two graphene-coated modules (ZXP6-60-275/P), one is cleaned weekly while the other is not cleaned at all. An uncoated module (ZXP6-60-265/P), which is not cleaned, was installed as a reference. The result shows that Znshine Gra-poly modules achieve the best-performing among all poly products in the test and 1.1% energy yield boost from the coated module. As the dust continues to accumulate over time, it is expected that the energy yield boost will grow.
The chart below illustrates the energy yield of the different module, the best-performing ploy module goes to Znshine solar

Znshine bifacial p-type PERC can greatly increase energy yield and drive down cost, owing to extra power generation on the rear side. in snow, water and other places, and even the ordinary ground with reflected light, it is sure to increase the power generation.
Znshine solar graphene-coating Module is installed a thin layer of graphene, which is made of a single layer of carbon atoms, allows light to pass through more efficiently with better efficiency in converting light to electricity. It’s excellent light transmittance, super hydrophobicity and unique self-cleaning capacity made its power output higher.

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