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Innovation R&D
Innovative Technology
ZNShine Solar R&D team in cooperation with China University of Science and Technology developed the Graphene Coating Solar Modules Series.
An innovative, self-cleaning technology capable to reduce Operation and Maintenance costs and increase power generation capacity.

Graphene is the world’s thinnest, lightest, most flexible, strongest, and most conductive nanomaterial. Tests have shown that graphene has hydrophilic, self-cleaning and photocatalyst properties: great benefits for solar modules.
  • More Power Generation
    Graphene possesses excellent optical properties 
    With each additional layer of graphene, the light absorption rate increases by approximately 2.3%.
  • Self-Cleaning Technology
    Graphene exhibits super hydrophilicity
    Natural raindrops can effectively clean dust from the surface of components.
  • Low Micro-crack Risk
    Graphene has excellent toughness
    The stable carbon atoms and crystalline structure make graphene strong and resilient.​​​​​​​
R&D Ethos
With Advanced Technology, We Provide Clients Bigger Benefits
ZNShine Solar places high importance on technology advancement and it is deeply embedded in our company ethos/inextricable part of our DNA, as evidenced by our products and satisfied clients.

ZNShine Solar co-founded the brand new R&D center with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, aiming to improve the efficiency rate of solar PV cells and develop our photoelectric conversion technology. By cooperating with R&D labs in the US, we have improved the module efficiency, reaching an international leading level. We maintain the long term cooperation with the world-famous PV enterprises and operators, making endless efforts to improve the silicon cell architecture and module technology.
  • Over 100 patents
    Patent Quantity​​​​​​​
  • Over 100 research and development staff
  • MES/MCS/ERP industrial software
    CNAS Certified Laboratory TUV SUD TMP Witness Laboratory​​​​​​​
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